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Continuous monitoring of mood disorders
by Artificial Intelligence

Emobot is a MedTech startup, which develops a medical device for the detection and continuous monitoring of mood disorders such as depression, and anxiety disorders, through the continuous analysis of emotions by AI.

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Video of the Emobot device produced by the Île-de-France region before CES 2023
December 14, 2022

A medical device for measuring and continuously monitoring patients' moods, powered by AI

Emobot develops and deploys AI-based devices for measuring and monitoring patients' moods, a fundamental psycho-behavioral index and marker in mental health care, child and adult psychiatry and dementia in the elderly, and present in the symptoms of mood disorders (unipolar and bipolar depression), which are themselves the first symptoms of neuro-psychiatric and neuro-degenerative diseases such as dementia: MCI and Alzheimer's.

Emobot, which follows patients in an observational and passive, therefore objective, way, by translating facial expressions and sound into mood signals, thanks to artificial intelligence, provides doctors and specialists (psychiatrists, neuropsychiatrists, gerontopsychiatrists) with the longitudinal signal of patients' moods in real ecology: in their everyday life. Emobot provides a continuous mood signal that complements the hetero-evaluation and diagnosis of physicians.

Emobot avec l'application de suivi émotionnel Emotrack

Artificial intelligence technology, powered by medical research and AI

Emobot is the result of research and co-development with psychiatrists and geronto-psychiatrists.

Emobot is also in close collaboration with the AIMAC laboratory at CentraleSupélec, which specializes in artificial intelligence applied to the analysis and synthesis of emotions. Renaud Seguier, director of the laboratory and co-founder of Emobot, has more than 15 years of expertise in this field.

Emobot avec l'application de suivi émotionnel Emotrack

Emobot is involved at all stages of the patient care, from prevention to follow-up


By moving from a one-time treatment to a continuous treatment, Emobot will allow early detection of mood disorders in at-risk patients (Depression affects 10M people in France and 400M worldwide each year [WHO], and 3M patients are supplied with antidepressants [data.ameli.fr]) in order to manage them upstream, and adopt the best therapeutic response.

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10M people suffer from depression in France
400M worldwide
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3M patients on antidepressants and 2.5 years before the right treatment is found for some
Follow-up and care of the patient

Emobot is a tool for continuous monitoring of mood, which provides intuitive indicators (signals) built with psychiatrists (including Dr. Maud Tastevin, Dr. Alexis BOURLA, Pr Gabriel Robert, Dr. Odile Amiot, Dr. Ludovic Petit) for psychiatrists and treating physicians. These indicators allow to follow the evolution of symptoms and pathology, to detect early the success of a treatment, to improve compliance and to detect with a constant or disturbed and sad mood, the warning signs of a relapse (resistant depressions) and thus in fine to decrease the risks of hospitalizations.

Emobot also offers, among other things, a tool for caregivers: the Emotional Diary (EmoDiary), which with a clear, simple and visualizable level of the patient's mood, day by day, allows teams to be aware, to take hold and to have the reflex to use the automatic tool for monitoring the emotional well-being of the people they care for.

EmoDiary, the simplified mood tracking application
Out-of-hospital continuity of patient support

The device designed by Emobot, which tracks mood and warning signs of mental health patients, and allows doctors to monitor indicators remotely or not, "Continuous & Remote by design", participates in the relaxation of the constraint on hospitals, allowing services to let patients go home earlier, so that they regain their autonomy and full health as soon as possible, while ensuring out-of-hospital monitoring, with information available continuously from the hospital to the attending physician, through the home nurse. It will also ensure continuity and efficiency of follow-up care, and allows the patient to self-monitor to have objective information about his recovery.

EmoDiary, the simplified mood tracking application
and Emobot, the device for measuring patient mood

Emobot designs devices for measuring and monitoring mood


Emobot is the device used to measure the mood of the person. It is static and is placed in the corner of a room or next to the TV. The person does not have to do anything, the device performs its analysis continuously and automatically. Emobot processes all the information locally. Only the processed data is sent. The data is anonymous. Confidentiality is ensured.

This device is deployed in
Nursing homes, hospitals and at home.

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Emotrack is the application that allows you to track the evolution of mood indicators and thus monitor the evolution of symptoms and pathology and detect early the success of response to treatment.

The Emotional Diary (EmoDiary) is available on this platform.It not only allows the simplified monitoring of the mood of the person, day by day, but also to the teams to be sensitized, to take hold and to have the reflex to use the automatic tool to monitor the emotional well-being of the people they care for.

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