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The robot that monitors the emotional state of the elderly

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A robot who can interact with humans

Emobot watches over the emotional state of your loved ones

Emobot is the first automated device for emotional monitoring and depression monitoring, powered by artificial intelligence. Emobot is a small robot, which adds emotional monitoring to the care of the elderly, an additional tool in the hand of caregivers (caregivers, psychologists, and family caregivers).

Emobot with the emotion monitoring application Emotrack

A small, attentive and discreet robot

Because this monitoring is done on a day-to-day basis over several weeks, Emobot is able to detect imperceptible evolutions linked to the loss of dynamism, the change of behavior and the decrease of interest that the person shows.

Emobot monitors, anticipates and understands emotional changes. It detects continuously and over a long period of time the weak signals of behavior change and psychological destabilization. Depression or loneliness is thus detected earlier, upstream, in an objective way.

Emobot in front of the TV

Emobot, a gerontoadapted technology

Emobot is placed next to the TV and watches over the person.

Emobot is equipped with a camera and processes locally the captured images. No image is kept or sent. There is no storage disk.

It is plugged into the mains and connected to WIFI. It is a plug & play device.

Installation scheme of the robot

An intelligent robot that helps identify the warning signs of depression

Emobot creates emotional maps that allow the analysis of the emotional trajectory over a given period of time. The dynamic emotional maps allow to measure the degree of positivity of the facial expressions manifested by the person with on the right of this map the rather positive emotions.

Dynamic emotional map of a healthy person

Dynamic emotional map of a healthy person

Dynamic emotional map of a person who is not doing well

Dynamic emotional map of a person who is not doing well

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Taking care of the emotional state

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An innovative and differentiating equipment

An additional tool in the hand of caregivers

Like a lamp placed near the TV in the bedroom, it observes the emotional state of the person and detects the early signs of depression, to reassure the family.

The robot and the EmoTrack application allow caregivers to watch over the elderly continuously. They are also alerted to warning signs of depression and loneliness.

An artificial intelligence innovation, Emobot allows for a fine monitoring of the emotional state of elderly people on a continuous basis. Emobot is the interface between the person and his family. It is the essential tool to keep the link and establish a secure trust for the person and his family.

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