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Le robot qui rompt avec la solitude et la fracture numérique

The robot that monitors the emotional state of the elderly

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A robot who can interact with humans
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Emobot will be at CES 2023
January 5-8, 2023

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Emobot and the Emotrack application enable continuous monitoring of the emotional state of seniors

Emobot offers continuous monitoring of emotional state. It identifies weak signals of behavioral changes over a long period of time, and alerts medical staff to early signs of psycho-emotional disorders.

Emobot with a computer running the emotional monitoring application Emotrack
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Measure the impact of therapies on emotional state to help doctors adjust treatment dosage

Because this monitoring is done on a day-to-day basis over several weeks, Emobot is able to detect imperceptible evolutions linked to the loss of dynamism, the change in behavior and the decrease in interest shown by the person or, on the contrary, the improvement in emotional behavior.

This emotional behavioral analysis allows the monitoring of the effects of treatments on the emotional state of seniors. This allows the doctor to adjust the dosage and the treatment interval and to favor non-drug therapies.

A nurse using the web application Emotrack
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Emobot, an artificial intelligence technology, powered by research

The AIMAC laboratory, specialized in emotions, is a partner of Emobot.
Emobot is able to build emotional trajectories from facial expressions and gestures of the person.

Intelligence for

Emotional map computed by Emobot

Emobot automates the detection of changes in emotional behavior and allows medical staff to identify early signs of emotional distress or disturbance or, on the contrary, an improvement in the emotional state. It also supports caregivers' feedback on a resident's condition.

Evolution of the emotional state represented by the evolution of the emotional maps
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A technology adapted to seniors, which comes from the field.
Emobot secures and watches over the person, in nursing homes, in clinic, or at home.

Emobot is placed next to the TV or in a corner in the person's room. The person has nothing to do.

It is equipped with a camera and processes the captured images locally. No images are sent or stored.

It is plugged into the mains and connected to the WIFI. It is a plug & play device.

Emobot's installation scheme

Emobot was at Vivatech in 2022

CentraleSupélec engineering school came to interview us.
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