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At Emobot, we innovate for the well-being of our seniors, our goal is to detect behavior changes and to take care of them, while facilitating their access to their loved ones and to technology.

Our team

Tanel Petelot

CEO, co-founder

Engineer from CentraleSupélec, with a strong entrepreneurial experience. He leads the project and focuses on business development, developing the network and ecosystem around Emobot and seeking opportunities.

Antony Perzo

CTO, co-founder

CentraleSupélec AI engineer, specialized in Robotics & AI. He leads Emobot's technical team and supervises the design and industrialization of the robots.

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Renaud Seguier

Director of Research, co-founder

Scientist and Director of the AIMAC research laboratory at CentraleSupélec, specializing in artificial intelligence and emotion analysis and synthesis. He supervises R&D in AI and emotions. He co-founded 3 successful startups (including Dynamixyz).

Samuel Lerman

CPO, co-founder

CentraleSupélec Software Engineer, he defines the vision of our solution and makes sure that the product corresponds as well as possible with the expectations of our customers. He defines the product strategy through feedback from the field and the market.

Photo de l'équipe à Vivatech

Our partners

CentraleSupelec logo
Research partnership with AIMAC
21st incubator logo
Centrale Supélec (21st accelerator)
Île-de-France Region
Framework partnership with the AIMAC laboratory of CentraleSupélec, specialized in emotions (AI) and scientific support of Emobot. The director Renaud Seguier is director of research at Emobot.
Incubation at CentraleSupélec (offices in the incubator and support). CentraleSupélec's research and innovation ecosystem.
Emobot is part of the 10th promotion of the Pépite start'up Île-de-France acceleration program at Station F (offices in SF, mentoring and acceleration towards B2C). The Ile-de-France region supports Emobot because it "responds in an original way to an issue that has a particular resonance at the moment", as an important new player in the SilverEconomy.
Gerond'if logo
Groupe Bridge EHPAD logo
Bridge Group
Silver Alliance logo
Silver Alliance
Gerontopole of Ile-De-France Region. Emobot is one of the innovations of the LivingLab, and is supported and promoted in collaborative projects and calls for projects in favor of innovations for aging well.
Partnership and co-development of our solution with Bridge Group, group of nursing homes: "Innovating for our seniors". Bridge trusts us to deploy Emobot in its nursing homes. Currently 30 robots deployed in  the nursing home Le Val Fleuri.
SilverAlliance is the largest alliance of brands in the SilverEconomy. Benjamin Zimmer, its leader, is a mentor for the project and is accompanying us.
PEIPS logo
Vivatech logo
CCI Essonne logo
CCI Essonne
Nugget of excellence in Innovation and DeepTech in the FrenchTech Paris-Saclay Ecosystem.
VivaTech is an annual event dedicated to technological innovation and start-ups. Emobot exhibited on the Île-de-France Region booth.
CCI Essonne supports the Emobot project and highlights it during VivaTech.
Cap Digital logo
Cap digital
GCSMS Comete Bretagne
Kozh ensemble logo
Kozh ensemble
Cap digital is a competitiveness and digital transformation cluster in the Paris region and supports us in our development.
It is our new business partner, and represents 2600 residents with its 22 nursing homes and 2 home care nursing services. We have applied for the Structure 3.0 collaborative project to equip 140 robots in 12 nursing homes, in partnership with the social and medico-social cooperation group COMETE BRETAGNE, which includes 21 nursing homes in the Finistère and Morbihan departments.
The living lab CHRU Rennes of the Brittany gerontopole Kozh ensemble is one of our partners on the project structure 3.0 which aims to give meaning to work in nursing homes through AI. Scientific evaluator, specialized in Geriatrics and Psycho-Geriatrics, it will allow the implementation of an ethical committee and the evaluation of our solution in Medical-Social Establishments

Emobot is located in Paris

Emobot is accelerated in iPEPS incubator (Paris Brain Institute) and incubated at Station F.

*iPEPS is the Paris Brain Institute’s startup incubator and the first innovation accelerator dedicated to brain diseases in France. Paris Brain Institute is a flagship program in France for brain disorders and a proud member of the IHU and Carnot networks.

iPeps opened its doors in 2012, in the heart of Paris and is dedicated to startups in MedTech/BioTech and digital health. Located in the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, one of Europe’s largest with more than 100 000 patients in neurology per year, it allows direct collaboration with top research teams specialized in brain diseases and privileged access to 10 state-of-the-art technological platforms.

We are still incubated in Station F! iPEPS partners on digital healthcare with Station F, the world's largest start-up campus.

*iPEPS communication

Station F logoStation F logoTeam at Station F

Emobot benefits from CentraleSupélec's technological ecosystem

First of all with the Fablab (called "la Fabrique", which translates to "the Factory" in english) which allows us to prototype and pre-serialize robots with its 1000 m2 infrastructure.
But also with the help of the 21st incubator in which we are incubated and which provides us with premises.

CentraleSupélec logoCentraleSupélec campus

Associations and competitive clusters

- SilverValley, membership in June 2022
- Cap Digital, Membership in July 2022
- MentalTech collective, Membership in December 2022

Awards and labels

- 1st Prize, CentraleSupélec Entrepreneurship Grant, February 20221st Prize,
- Pépite Startup Ile-De-France Award, April 2022
- 1st Prize, CentraleSupélec Alumni Scholarship, May 2022
- Finalist SilverValley Award, May 2022
- Finalist VivaTech Next Student Entrepreneur Challenge, June 15, 2022
- Deeptech and BFTE BPI France Label, October 2022

Notable attendances

- VivaTech June 2022 – Booth with the Île-de-France region
- SilverEco September 11 and 12, 2022, Cannes
- SilverExpo November 29 and 30, 2022, Paris - Booth with SilverValley
- CES 2023, January 5-8, 2023, Las Vegas - Booth and award winner with the Île-De-France region

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